New Heart & New Ways

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Welcome to this course.

In my life with Jesus the Christ i have seen and heard many things about God and our relation with Him.
I believed in Jesus the Christ in the year 2001 when i wanted to kill myself with a knife. God spoke to me with an loud voice saying:
"Wim, there is something in life worth living for".
When i heard this loud voice i looked around but nobody was there, but i received new energy to try to find something worth living for. And after 2 months i believed in Jesus the Christ and my life changed completely.

This course is about my most important revelation that God gave me. It helped me to destroy, shame, fear, depression, addiction's, and many more.
Tho this is what God teached me in the last 15 years and i also am still in my own process like every other believer.

I cannot put those years with encounters with God and learning experiences into this course. This is my story with God.
But, i really think God asks me to share my story to help people to get on the right track in there journey with God.
This is again not a complete picture of the Gospel of Jesus the Christ but it adds some valuable input for the rest of your journey in Christ Jesus.

In this course i will share my story and what i think what the bible explains what happense with our heart, with sin, and to live a life close to God.
Everyone is free to take this course in his or own way.

Tho if you really like structure i would advice to do this course with God and not rushing trough it.

  • Make 1 session every 7 days +- and ask God what He wants to tell more about so you can go deeper in Him.
  • Take your time to do your homework. Its about how you get to know yourself better and God better and not about this course. This course is a tool to help you.
  • Ask anything you cannot find an answer for it.
  • If you do not agree on how i live with Jesus the Christ please do not change your docterine. I do not want to change you i just want you to be close to God. Im okey that people think differently.

Everytime i get feedback from students. I will place answers and questions into this course so it will be more complete. I also will think about addinng new sessions if students miss something or want to add something. I hope we can grow in Christ toghetter trough this course.

I hope you will be blessed,


Wim Kamphorst

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